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The Legendary History of the Klinika Klub

The Klinika Club (Clinic University Club) will receive a commemorative pop music plaque in November. Prior to becoming a movie theater, the building of the Klinika Klub was a university funeral home, offering funeral services during the 1950s.  Later that decade it was turned into a movie theater by the order of Mátyás Rákosi, a […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Debrecen

If you know of Debrecen, just a little, you most probably think of images of the impressive Great Reformed Church dominating the central Kossuth Square surrounded by Art Deco and socialism period buildings. However, there is much more to Debrecen that just this, with many sites of interest, each with its own rich history. 10 […]

The Famous Socialist Buildings of Debrecen

The style of building referred to as “Socialist” buildings was built after World War II. and they still can be seen in several parts of the city. After the war, the city needed solutions that could be implemented relatively quickly and cheaply to replace the buildings destroyed by the bombing. The result of this endeavour […]

Witness The Natural Wonder of Hortobágy – Cranes Take Flight

The role of the crane in Hungarian culture is a charismatic one, especially with respects to the conservation of nature. The cultural role differentiates these birds from other domestic bird species. Cranes have a long historical role in Hungarian folk law. According to one historical myth, when the Turkish army wanted to defeat Hungarian soldiers, […]

Debrecen beer

The Beer Scene in Debrecen + Surroundings

Beer has been a favorite drink of all ages. Breweries are rare in Hajdú-Bihar County, however, the first breweries in Debrecen were operating in the 1580s, while the Rákóczi brewery was operating in Tokaj, not far from Debrecen. Today, there is only one in Debrecen, the Debreczeni Sörfőzed (Debreczeni Brewery). It mainly produces lager beer […]

Debrecen with Kids

What to do with Kids in Debrecen?

Debrecen Zoo + Retro Amusement Park Centrally located, and just a 5-minute walk from the Great Forest Park, Football Stadium, and the Debrecen Zoo + Retro Amusement Park is an easy, inexpensive half-day activity.  Rent a wagon for the kids to sit in and tour around this way the kids don’t get too tired, too […]

Gastronomy – Tour of Debrecen

If you are a street food lover or if you are just seeking for traditional flavours, it is worth travelling to Debrecen. Now, during a virtual „Food tour”, we will show you what you can and should eat in the market in the morning, and where you can eat something at night or where you […]

Hungarian Spritzer

A Guide to Fröccs – The Hungarian Spritzer

Fröccs (Spritzer) is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Hungary. It is actually wine (mostly white wine) mixed with soda water, – most importantly, not with mineral water as is often the case nowadays and elsewhere in Europe, but with good old-fashioned soda water. The story of the birth of the spritzer: the […]

Hungarian Spritzer

Experience the Wines of Hungary in Debrecen

While wine is produced throughout Hungary, the wine regions and the wine produced to the North-East of Hungary is particularly fine and the most famous. Even so, these wine regions are not particularly well geared up for mass tourism. Luckily, wines from all the country’s best producers can be found in Debrecen, the heart and […]